Track Producer
Software Development Director
Jinrui Li, Software Development Director of XueErSi, is responsible for the research and development of VOD, live streaming and RTC AV system, as well as the architecture of message system (including IM, Chat, Push). Recently mainly focus on the large-scale, high-quality, low-latency live streaming system, and the optimization of QoE & QoS in education scenarios. Bachelor degree and master degree graduated from Tsinghua University. Worked in Hulu as a Principle R&D manager and has led the team to win the Webby Award.
Track: Data Monitoring and QoE
2019/12/14 09:30 - 12:25
This Track is dedicated to discussing how to quickly discover user experience pain points, locate system problems, and drive iterative upgrade of technical architecture, product design, and business operation through accurate full-link data collection and analysis and effective QoE evaluation system under different business scenarios.
Topics in the track
Jinrui Li
In this topic, will introduce the general solutions for QoE optimization in different industries, and share XueErSi's practice specifically for online-education scenario, about how to use data collection & analyzation mechanism to drive technology upgrades, production improvements and live-broadcast specifications.
Zhe Luo
In the field of live games, the balance between clarity and fluency has always been a pain point in the industry. How to choose the most suitable resolution and rate gear for users is a big problem in the industry. This presentation will bring the fast-handed in the streaming protocol-based live multi-rate adaptive framework, how to use data to drive deep tuning in the player, CDN, algorithm and other links, and get QoS and QoE improvement.
Jun Zhao
Several common misunderstandings of multimedia quality evaluation will be introduced. Some ideas which are needed to be considered when design a new product evaluation system will also be discussed. Taking real-time scene as example, the practices relevant to QoE and some evaluation tools of ours will be proposed in presentation.