Track Producer
Co-founder and Technical Director
Kuk Jiang, former development director of Tencent IMG, I have had rich R&D experiences in AV all-terminal cross-platform industry for over 14 years, in charge of QQ underlying platform construction, QQ multi-terminal cross-platform security technology, QQ emoji development etc. In 2015, I co-founded ZEGO technology Co., responsible for innovative scenario solutions' design, major customers' operation and support, innovative technologies' exploration and practice. ZEGO provides clear and reliable realtime audio and video cloud service globally with self-developed AV engine, helping enterprises acquire realtime communication ability rapidly.
Track: Client Side Development and Performance Optimization
2019/12/13 14:00 - 17:55
With the rapid development of the Internet, the application of audio and video is becoming more and more widespread, with scenes landing in live video, short video, online education, online finance, etc. The requirements for new technologies in various new scenarios are also getting higher and higher. In addition to being able to quickly meet the requirements of business functions, it is also necessary to be able to meet the performance requirements of various devices. This topic invites technical experts from front-line industries to share their technical practices in their respective fields so as to bring more experience, reference and study to everyone.
Topics in the track
Zunjie Hu
Following the expansion of IoT media capabilities on the 360 video cloud service platform and popularity of HEVC in business solutions, the front-end team has implented a universal modular web player based on WebAssembly and WebWorker designed around heVC front-end playback and decryption. The sharing session will mainly be analyzing the structure & design of this web player, core principles, specific solutions to certain issues of the system.
Gaowei Chang
This sharing is mainly for the live streaming practitioners, as well as the technical staff interested in low-latency live streaming technology and WebRTC technology. It introduces the technical exploration of Taobao live streaming on low latency, and how to realize low-latency live video within one second based on WebRTC
Songnan Li
Noise is a common distortion category for images and videos, and noise reduction is one of the many visual signal processing capabilities provided by Tencent Multimedia Lab and Tencent Cloud. This presentation summarizes where noises come from, theoretically analyzes the basic principles of noise reduction, and introduces techniques for single-frame noise reduction, multi-frame noise reduction, and video noise reduction using both traditional methods and deep learning.