Track Lists
From standard, protocol, architecture, tool to technology application, to observe the technology ecology tendency and opportunities by industry phenomenon.
High Performance & High Concurrency Server Side
From 4K multiple real-time transcoding, massive short video real-time coding, How to design the architecture on the server for all kinds of application scenarios? How to maximize the value of the existing software and hardware? How to achieve high cost-effective by heterogeneous computing?
Client Side Development and Performance Optimization
With the rapid development of the Internet, the application of audio and video is becoming more and more widespread, with scenes landing in live video, short video, online education, online finance, etc. The requirements for new technologies in various new scenarios are also getting higher and higher. In addition to being able to quickly meet the requirements of business functions, it is also necessary to be able to meet the performance requirements of various devices. This topic invites technical experts from front-line industries to share their technical practices in their respective fields so as to bring more experience, reference and study to everyone.
To make the products more competitive by reliable and sophisticated solutions is better than to roll your own.
Data Monitoring and QoE
This Track is dedicated to discussing how to quickly discover user experience pain points, locate system problems, and drive iterative upgrade of technical architecture, product design, and business operation through accurate full-link data collection and analysis and effective QoE evaluation system under different business scenarios.
VR/AR & Panorama Video
From the next Codec, 5G to more and more stronger server, to create the immersive vision experience is coming.
Embedded and audio development
Sound boxes, headphones and other audio equipment have become an important part of improving people's quality of life. This topic will discuss the audio equipment development plan and actual combat experience, involving the technical practice of intelligent sound box, TWS earphone and other products.
Ultra HD Media Processing and Transmission
Under the hybrid network of 5G, 4G and WiFi, how to achieve the multi-media transmission with low latency, high bandwidth and low cost? How to switch between many protocols? even automatic switch?