Senior Development Engineer
Have long engaged in streaming media related field.Have designed and developed VOD transcoding cluster in Bilibili which is capable of hosting a daily throughput of hundreds of millions seconds.Have independently developed the technology for enhancing video resolution and definition in a narrow-band circumstance.Committed to improving the quality of internet-based streaming media services.
Tracks he partipates
Ultra HD Media Processing and Transmission
Under the hybrid network of 5G, 4G and WiFi, how to achieve the multi-media transmission with low latency, high bandwidth and low cost? How to switch between many protocols? even automatic switch?
His topics
The SRT protocol has its root in broadcasting industry, which has solved the problem of insufficient stability of streaming media in public network transmission.However, due to the characteristics of the broadcasting, which is considered as facing the public rather than the individual, there will be some challenges when being applied in the internet-based media, which is often charaterised as targeting the individual audience, the such as the streaming media.For example, the adaptation of high load, streaming transmition protocol and container protocol ecology.This report will present how Bilibili responses when facing the existing challenges and we hope to work together with you to improve the user experience with streaming service.