Principal Research Engineer
Yueshi Shen, Principal Research Engineer, Twitch (part of Amazon) Dr. Yueshi Shen is in charge of Twitch's core video technologies. He initiated and built a number of Twitch’s core video capabilities, e.g., cost-effectively live-video transcoding farm supporting over 100,000 concurrent channels, live ABR playback algorithm designed for highly interactive content, HLS-based low-latency (<5s) live HTTP streaming. Prior to Twitch, Dr. Shen led the development of General Dynamics Mediaware’s award-winning H.264/TS ad splicing system and Ambarella’s H.264/SVC codec firmware. He also developed OnLive’s <100ms-latency video streaming technology for their cloud gaming service. Dr. Shen is the inventor of AV1’s SWITCH_FRAME and has filed 15 patents.
Tracks he partipates
From standard, protocol, architecture, tool to technology application, to observe the technology ecology tendency and opportunities by industry phenomenon.
His topics
According to Cisco’s Visual Networking White Paper, video already accounts for 75% of the Internet traffic in 2017 and this ratio will further increase to 82% by 2022. This indicates that one major trend of the Internet industry is to keep upgrading video-based user experience, which could give rise to novel business opportunities. Regardless of your tenure in the video industry, you might feel both hopeful and stressed when being bombarded every day by tons of news related to our work or business.An effective way to put such a sense of uncertainty under control is to build a general understanding on the business aspect of the Internet video industry. This knowledge can help us pinpoint whatever new information to its right location within the entire ecosystem, therefore enables us to quantify its impact on our career. This talk will demonstrate a methodology of acquiring such an understanding, including market size, relationship between user experience and monetization, as well as existing players’ economic moat. This speech will also analyze several disruptive innovations that can potentially redefine the business landscape of our industry.